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Price: $33,795.00
Seller: Borowski Race Engines, Inc.
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1,075 HP, 2.9L Whipple Supercharged LS Engine. Includes Serpentine System & Holley EMS

Do you a want a driveable engine that puts out incredible torque delivered instantaneously at low RPM?  No interest in waiting for turbos to spool, or for the RPMs to get high enough so the nitrous will kick in? Are you looking for a package that fits under a standard hood and does not take a ton of fabrication work?  This supercharged 427 cubic inch LS is for you!

The twin screw 2.9L Whipple is a best-in-class product.  It is not a re-branded OEM mass production piece.  The screw design and built-in intercooler provide high boost with a minimum of heat for more power.  Characteristic of most twin screw designs, it has an internal bypass allowing it to cruise under vacuum.  Put the hammer down however, and the bypass slaps shut sending you from minimal torque to well over 900 lb-ft in a heart beat.  It is an awesome experience and it explains why this has been our best-seller since it was first introduced.

To make this kind of on-demand power and hold together means nothing but the best parts.  Our platform is the Dart SHP LS Next block.  Among other things, it boasts: six bolt head capability, priority main oiling,  far stronger bottom end design, thicker deck surface, longer cylinder sleeves and more.  Its 4.125" bore is filled with Diamond pistons mounted on Callies fully-counterweighted crank and matching rods.  The crank's 4.00" stroke yields 427 cubic inches.  Lots of reasons we don't push it to 454 ci.  Give us a call if you want all those details.

Our custom grind COMP hydraulic-roller cam core is made from nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel alloy for an incredibly hard and durable finish.  The cam lobes are also micro polished to achieve the perfect surface finish.  These cams look so good it's a shame they are buried in the center of the engine.

We use All Pro heads with COMP's NEW Max-Lift BSR shaft rocker system for valve train stability.  The heads are customized with CNC porting on our 5-axis and further tuned up by us on our Newen Contour CNC seat and guide machine.  Crowning the heads are our custom billet valve covers with coil relocation brackets to combine great looks with superior function.

Holley Terminator X-Max engine management system directs the show.  It is included in the package with the tune from your dyno session to make installation plug and play.  The Holley unit can also control the available water-meth injection system which will chill the inlet air and improve performance under heavy load.

Up front and center is the matching serpentine system with all the accessories.  No skimping here either.  The 225 amp alternator will easily handle the electronics typical for modern restomod.  The PS pump can be ordered either with its own reservoir or with a remote reservoir and fittings for hooking up your Hydratech brake boosters.  The serpentine system and valve covers are also available upgraded to a polish finish.

Down below, we will work with you to select the oil pan right for your vehicle so it leaves our shop drop-in ready for you.  Oil pump?  Melling, of course.  Have a specific color scheme in mind?  We will paint the block and select the ignition wires to match.

The power of an engine like this puts a transmission to the test.  Unfortunately, many will come up short.  For that reason, we have worked with top transmission suppliers (Hughes Performance for automatics and Tremec for manuals) so that we can offer pairings that work.  We designed this engine to be a cruiser, and for us that points to over-drive transmissions like our highly-modified Hughes 4L80e or Tremec T-56 six speed.  If you can keep your right foot in check and don’t go crazy on the gear ratio in the rear, you can pass everything on the road including the gas stations.

If you go with the 4L80e, the included Holley Terminator X-Max which will control both the engine and transmission.  This is a neat seamless package compared to having a separate trans controller.  Hughes will also tune the converter to your vehicle specifications and planned driving pattern.

One nice final touch is the Holley Digital Dash in 7" or 12" screen sizes.  Worried about getting all the gauges wired up and working in your dash?  Forget it.  All the information you need or want to know is the Digital Dash which it can display through a variety of customizable screens.

Call us today at 815-725-2727 to get all your questions answered and move on to the driving experience you've always wanted.

  1. These engines are not pollution compliant and are intended for transportation use only in pre-pollution controlled vehicles.
  2. All BRE engines are individually dyno tested and tuned.  Customers will be supplied with video of their engine's dyno along with the dyno and build sheets.
  3. Dyno results on the same engine are influenced by atmospheric conditions. The same engine can easily test +/- 2% different on horsepower depending upon ambient conditions.  The engine you receive will have completed its dyno session at no less than 98% of rated horsepower with the tune we provide.
  4. The photos representing our 2.9L Whipple engine design show a variety of customized builds and also reflect its design evolution.  As such, there will be some differences in appearance and parts from what is shown in some of the pictures and videos.
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1545 Mound Rd, Rockdale, IL 60436, USA

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